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ENERSERVE is an established trading outfit with a team of Experienced Engineers, operating from Dubai [UAE], and specializing in supplies of a wide range of Electrical, Electro- Mechanical, Building Material, Oil-field, Industrial and allied technical engineering products, to the project segments of the markets in UAE, GCC [Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain], Middle East, Asian subcontinent North Africa belt etc.


Our Solutions

EXOTHERMIC Welding connection systems for Earthing, Lightning, Cathodic Protection and Railway Signaling applications – Graphite Molds, Weld-metal Powder, Handle Clamps, Flint Guns, Brushes, Scrapers etc..

EARTHING & LIGHTNING PROTECTION system: Copper Earth Rods; DC Tape clips; Earth Clamps, Split Bolt Connectors; Cable Clips; Earth Boss; Insulators; Disconnecting Links; Concrete Inspection Pits; Bi- metallic Plates & Washers; Copper ‘C’ Crimps; Copper Lattice Mats / Plates etc. Taper pointed Air rods, Multi-points, Air terminals; Copper Wire Conductors : Solid / Stranded, Bare / Tinned, Soft / Hard drawn/ Lead sheathed / PVC covered G/Y earth Cables; Copper Flat Tape;; PVC covered copper Tape; Flexible Copper Braid; Hard drawn Copper Flat Bus Bar; Conductors – Solid / Stranded, Bare / Tinned, Soft / Hard drawn/ Lead sheathed / PVC covered G/Y earth wires; Inspection pits {Concrete & FRP}; Static Earth Receptacles; More Effective Grounding Powder / BENTONITE powder / Duct Seal compound etc..

A complete range of Industrial Electrical Plugs / Sockets / Switched Receptacles as per IEC-60309 up to 250amps; Enclosures in heavy duty thermo-setting material or die cast aluminum; Junction Boxes; Rotary Control Devices; Distribution Panel Boards; Stainless steel Lighting fixtures & Water-tight electrical devices for marine & heavyduty applications etc.

Power and Control Cables: For complete range of Copper & Aluminum Power Cables – High Voltage [Up to 132kv], Medium Voltage [3.3kv to 33kv] & Low Voltage Cables [0.6 to 1.1kv]; Control Cables [Paired, shielded]; Flexible Cables; Building Wires; Panel Wires; Bare Copper Conductors; Overhead Line Aluminium Conductors

For complete range of Specialized Cables, viz., Control; Instrumentation; Screened; Paired; Low capacitance; Telecom; Computer, Broad band, Coaxial, Fibre optic etc.

A complete range of Switch Disconnectors; Isolators; Mini Switches; Limit Switches; Foot Switches; Emergency Grab-wires; Local Control Stations; Push Button Stations; Rotary Switches;

Air Craft Warning Lights: Obstruction Lights for High Rise Buildings, Chimneys, Tower duly certified by ICAO and FAA and in compliance with Local Civil aviation regulations.

Surge Protection Devices for AC network/LED/PV application/Data Center /Communication.: Made in Europe

Local Assembly (To be designed and assembled In House)

Local Assembly (To be designed and assembled In House)

Junction Box, Light Fixtures, Isolators, Plugs and Sockets etc..


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