Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering | Electrical Cables in UAE

  • Power and Control cables – Aluminum and Copper Annealed (Armored /Unarmored).
  • LT XLPE Cable
  • HT XLPE Cable
  • Building Wire – House wire, Flame retardant cables, Telephone cables, Computer cables, Zero Halogen, Coaxial Cables.
  • Flexible Cables
  • PVC Insulated Winding Wire, Flat Cables
  • Instrument Signal Cables
  • Special Cables
  • AAAC Cable Conductor
  • Aerial Bunched Cables
  • Jelly Filled Cables.

These cables are available in different Sizes, Single and Multi-Cored, Armoured, Individual and Overall Screen, Inner & Outer Sheath, PE or PVC Insulated, etc. Confirming to BS and IS standards.

Our Technical expertise will help you in the selection of the right UPS ranging from 600VA to 6.4 MVA specific to one’s requirement. Our UPS solutions are compatible with wide range of accessories such as automatic and manual bypass switches, SNMP adapters, additional battery packs, parallel kits, battery charges and are suitably designed to be used with a wide range of generator systems. We commit towards providing a solution that offers reliability, efficiency, scalability and flexibility using less energy, reducing operating costs and in turn achieving significant total cost of ownership savings.

Helps in energy savings of up to 15% with these users could achieve return on investment within 3 years.

  • Network Agent
  • Protocol Converter – Monitor the UPS
  • Serial Duplexer – Allows 2 devices to be connected to a single port
  • Additional USB Port
  • Alarm and Status indication system
  • Multi I/O device – Integrates UPS with Control system
  • Profibus Protocol Converter
  • USB Converter – Helps UPS Connect to Mac or Windows without USB port.
  • Cable Trays and Accessories
  • Cable Ladders and Accessories
  • Support structure for Trays and Ladders
  • Lightning Arrestor and the Pole
  • Active Paratoner and the Paratoner Pole
  • Descend Conductors
  • Earthing System for Descend Conductors
  • Mounting Accessories

Diesel Generators can be supplied for prime, standby or continuous applications, open, enclosed or sound attenuated and can be arranged for single and three phase outputs,ranging from 10 KVA to › 5000 KVA.

  • Open Set
  • Sound Proof

These Generators are EC Compliant and meets the following regulations.

  • 98/37/EC Machine Security
  • 73/23/ECC Voltage Limits
  • 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 2005/88/CE Noise Emission by equipment for outdoor use
  • Top quality design helps in easy maintenance, storage and transportation.
  • High security measures guarantee that both people and the unit are adequately protected

We provide customized solution on transformers, in line with our client’s requirement and specification.

  • Power Transformer
  • Distribution transformer
  • Furnace duty transformer
  • Converter duty
  • Earthing Transformers
  • Windmill Transformers

We can supply motors of different types, sizes, capacity, range, specification and brands from across different parts of the world.

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